Type-Moon Tycoon: Ice Queens

LOL continuation rocks.

Wise Girl in Snow

I guess I really do mean it that it doesn’t snow in Singapore. Aoko-san must’ve frozen her ovaries off wearing that in this weather. Haha. Anyways…

The Fate Hallow Ataxia FA4 set has been released(?) and people love that stuff more. I can understand why; partly because the characters in this set are either so classic that they’ve gone Rei Ayanami, or too cool and obscure to draw a lot of attention. I guess some people like Aoko Aozaki and Shiki Ryougi? As you can tell with this entry, hopefully, that Alter has done a good job with the obscure girls as well.

On with the pictures. Burrrr.

Shiki Ryougi & Aoko Aozaki

The two figures are fairly straight-forward. They’re rather large for trade figures, but both of them came in 3-4 pieces that takes second to assemble. Aoko’s foothing is a little creative and I like what they did with the base to ensure stability.

Shiki first–but let me apologize first that I failed to get a good enough front shot of her from the bottom-up. All these figures are meant to look down (so they can stare you down at your grubby face when placed on shelves) but I didn’t realize the lack of a good picture until I got out from the cold and in front of the computer. Blah.

It’s cold, oh yeah.

Always pay attention to the feet. And the base. Detail on the legs are nice as well.

LOL dead horse.

She’s rather stylish from the back and side.

Yea, even nice detail behind her jacket.

To make up for lacking good pictures of her, here’s one with everyone. Maybe you can get a better perspective.


The one Princess Arc figure is from an old Tsukihime trading figure set (that I can’t find the links to anymore). The Saber/Shiro thing is from this. You can’t tell from this picture, but Princess Arc comes up to barly the midriff of Arc from the FA4 set. Saber and Shiro don’t even make it up that far, and FA4 Saber is even shorter.

Aoko is not very tall, but her figure is one of the heaviest from this set. Her luggage is solid, her hair is deceptively LARGE.

In fact, I never noticed how huge her hair is until now. It’s almost like an aura that surrounds her.

HEUG. Her trunk is an odd contrast to the otherwise-very-natural woman look Aoko has. It’s detailed on this figure but there’s not a lot of fanciness to the thing in the first place anyways.

I think her belt is it. And on this figure it’s detailed well enough.

Notice her left foot is sort of lifted? That’s how it’s suppose to work. Two prongs secures her right foot so she leans a tad towards the front, and the small posture difference, I think, is what makes or breaks this kit overall. In a later post we’ll see how Rin is secured the same way, with some differences. Couldn’t get a good shot of her hand inside all that hair, or the inside of all that hair…well. You get the idea–details there too.

I guess you can call this the money shot? Best side forward. And this is possible because she freestands! Go go Mirano’s dynamic stances! (Shiki is sculpted by Naoki Nishimura.)

The top of her head is definitely not her best side. If you remember how Tamaki-nee looks in To-Heart 2, the Aoko has the same hair features here. It just doesn’t translate very well when you look at it from the top without making it crazy spiky. Here she looks like someone took a flattening iron on it. If you are into modding your kits, this is a place you can do some serious work on.

Stay tuned for Part 3: Saber and Rin.

2 Responses to “Type-Moon Tycoon: Ice Queens”

  • Necromancer

    :( my Shiki doesn’t fit on her base right, the holes in her feet are in the wrong place so can only use 1 peg. Apart from that they’re my great :D

  • meganeshounen

    Now that you mention it, Aoko does look like Tama-nee. And Shiki’s clothes match the season..

    Cool overall.

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